Common orthography Mistakes – Your Spell Checker won’t Catch all of them


Spell checkers area unit a beautiful tool. one among of} the issues every author encounters is that folks have an inclination to ascertain what they assume ought to be there. therefore a author United Nations agency is checking his or her own writing can tend to correct the writing in their imagination. They merely will not see mistakes.

But spell checkers do not have that downside. They merely look into the word, check its orthography and voila — it’s either right or wrong. excellent orthography with pc correctness.

Or is it? Who is checker tool

In fact, processed spell checking encompasses a variety of issues. And a wise author doesn’t swear entirely on their pc for writing.


In this article might} realize 5 common orthography mistakes processed spell checking tools may have problem recognizing.

1. Pronouns’ possessive forms Who is checker tool and their contractions with the verb “to be”. for instance “their” and “they’re” will cause most spell checkers a haul. therefore will “your” and “you’re”. fashionable spell checkers do check for the validity of the synchronic linguistics at an equivalent time as they’re checking for the orthography. they are doing this so as to catch these sorts of false reportage errors. withal they are doing sporadically have a haul telling that variety of the closed-class word ought to be used.

2. Irregular contractions and possessives may cause a significant headache for spell checkers. for instance, “its” and “it’s” may result in an exceedingly variety of various errors each in reportage errors that do not exist and errors that do. Again, by checking for the validity of the synchronic linguistics the quantity of false errors and uncomprehensible errors has been reduced. However, the techniques used don’t seem to be excellent and sporadically your spell checker can determine a properly spelled word as wrong or worse still, miss a misspelled word entirely.

3. advanced sentences may cause spell checkers to hiccup rather badly. this is often particularly evident once multiple clauses area unit employed in your syntax. Ultimately, this is often the bottom reason for several of the previous errors by the spell checkers.

4. Spell checkers will report once the word is corn wrong however they have a tendency to possess a heavy downside once the word itself is inaccurate. this is often particularly a difficulty for homonyms.

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